Dybbuks is a trilingual (Yiddish, Hebrew & English) contemporary opera performed by a small core of performers / vocalists, a Yiddish choir of inter-generational women and four female musicians. Presented in three formally distinct acts, Dybbuks exposes the complex rite of passage a young girl undergoes in order to become a woman.

The work is inspired by Anski’s iconic Yiddish play The Dybbuk (1914), which follows the possession of a young bride by her dead lover on the night of her wedding. Dybbuks explores this idea further, evoking a world where the dead speak through the female performers’ bodies & in doing so challenges the voiceless-ness of women across history.

Samara Hersch is working in collaboration with Chamber Made on this project.

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Creative Team

Concept and Direction: Samara Hersch

Composition and Sound Design: Max Lyandvert

Sound Dramaturgy: Tamara Saulwick

Lighting and Set Design and Project Dramaturgy: Paul Jackson

Performers: Karen Sibbing, Yoni Prior and Jenny Barnes

Supported by: The Sidney Myer Foundation through the Malthouse Tower Residency Program 2016 and  The Besen Family Foundation.