ODE is an intimate and absurd performance about a woman who gets lost. Inspired by Karen’s grandmother’s experience with Alzheimers, ODE  attempts to remember someone who can no longer remember herself.

A tribute to the imagination and the vital place it holds for humour, fantasy and escapism.

Upcoming performances:

La Mama Theatre, Melbourne – June 2nd-4th 2017

Love At First Sight Festival, Antwerp – September 13-17 2017



Concept: Karen Sibbing

Co-created by Samara Hersch and Karen Sibbing

Director: Samara Hersch

Performers: Karen Sibbing and Georgina Durham.

Sound Design and Composition: Joost van Dijk

Produced by Pietjan Dusee and Esther Bruls

Photo credit: Kim Pattiruhu

Partners: De NWE Vorst, Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Villanella, L’Avventura, The Book Kick.

ODE premiered at De NWE Vorst Theatre in Tilburg, Netherlands in March 2016.

Thanks to: Dance Brabant, Rudi Klumpkens, people of Theater De NWE Vorst and Yoni Prior.