For The Time Being

FOR THE TIME BEING is an intimate listening encounter that arose in 2020 during the spreading of COVID-19 in order to continue to facilitate long-distance, intergenerational and transnational discourse in times when bodily encounters are difficult. It is inspired by Samara Hersch’s theatre project BODY OF KNOWLEDGE.


For the time being, we are unable to assemble.

For the time being, we are asked to keep distance.

For the time being, ūüĒģ‚Ķ.?

For the time being, there will be a message. In the absence of a body, the sound of a voice. 

For the time.


FOR THE TIME BEING… is a message from a teenager elsewhere in the world, with questions for you, the adult.

It is an attempt to discover an unlikely connection and to rethink the vulnerabilities, politics and inter-dependencies of our bodies across distance and age. 

At a time when our worlds are suddenly shrinking, our borders are closing, and our social circles are tightening, we bring this message to you in order to Рfor a moment at least Рtranscend generations, countries, horizons, and possible futures… 


Lead Artist:   Samara Hersch    

Dramaturg:   Maria Rößler   

Creative Technologist:   Fred Rodrigues   

And a team of teenagers from around the world.

Performance History:

Commissioned by and premiered at the Auawirleben Theaterfestival Bern in May 2020. 

Performed at¬†M√ľnchner Kammerspiele,¬†June 2020 and Far Festival Nyon, August 2020.