It’s Going to Get Dark

Whether it’s the night breaking in over the day or the uneasiness that comes with the unseen or the unpredictable, many are afraid of the dark.

“It’s Going to Get Dark” is the name of Samara Hersch’s latest theater work, in which an ensemble of young people and senior citizens meet to listen to each other in the dark and to start a conversation. Together they reflect on how time shapes life, perspectives and identities.

The performance also traces entanglements and tensions between the generations. Can darkness be a space in which curiosity, intimacy, resistance and solidarity can grow?

For the Spring Performing Arts Festival, performed by: Noraly Beyer, Judith van Gelder,  Douwe Jan Joustra, Matthew Schwarz, Ernesto Samson, Mireia Fort Mabres, Juliyah Heymach, Furgini Conep and Lieve Fikkers.

Concept and Direction: Samara Hersch

Scenography: Belle Santos and Nevo Bar

Lighting Design: Emese Csornai

Creative Technologist: Fred Rodrigues

Sound Design: Matthias Schack-Arnott

Associate Artist and Community Liaison: Lieve Fikkers

Dramaturgy: Maria Rößler and Tchelet Weisstub

Production Manager and Sound Engineer: Joel Thurman

Production Support : Andrea van Bussel and Gioya van Rees (Netherlands)

Artistic associate and Community Liaison: Cassandra Fumi (Australia)

Lighting Consultant: Jenny Hector

Artistic Advice: Lorna Hannan, Richard Gregory, Aaron Orzech, Zsofia Paczolay and Edit Kaldor

Producer: Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam (NL) and Freya Waterson (Australia)

Photo Credit: Gregory Lorenzutti

Co-production partners: Brut Vienna (AT), SPRING Performing Arts Festival (NL), Theater der Welt 2023 in Frankfurt – Offenbach (DE) and Hyperlocal (AU), a joint program with Australian venues Abbotsford Convent, Dancehouse, Darebin Arts and the Substation, produced by Performing Lines

With generous support by Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig (DE), Creative Europe project ACT: Art, Climate and Transition (EU) and Australia Council for the Arts (AU) and BUDA Kunstencentrum Arts Center (BE) and MANY thanks to Nienke Scholts, Ira Brand,  Szymon Adamczak, Burkhard Korner, Isobel Dryburgh, Romy Moons, Elioa Steffen, Rodrigo Batista, Ashley Ho Yuhan, Kobbe Koopman, Dominik Naue, Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Agat Sharma, Fariboz Karimi, Ainhoa Hernandez Escudero, Tiana Hemlock, Jim Buskens, Latoya Hoeg, Lorna Hannan, Delia Bradshaw, Liz Jones, Ponch Hawkes, Casper Plum, Kuda Mapeza, Frankie Wilcox, Lauren Sheree, River Hart, Melanie Lane, Nathania Valasquez, Ana Riscado, Sol Feldman, Theo Boltman, Lazar Feldman,  Ella Simmons, Josh Wright, Lulu Fitz and Shay Keshavarz.