Sex & Death (and the Internet)

SEX AND DEATH_ AND THE INTERNET is an intimate, intergenerational conversation piece, that provides an opportunity to ask the big questions to someone a little older and wiser and to consider the experience of yourself changing through time.

Through playful and provocative (now online) encounters, this evocative work explores how time shapes, morphs and ultimately makes us who we were, who we are, and who we will become.

The online version of this work (Sex and Death) was co-commissioned by Darwin Festival and Sydney Festival through the Major Festivals Initiative and premiered in Darwin in August 2020.


Concept & Direction: Samara Hersch

Associate Artist and Dramaturgy: Bec Reid

Photographer &; Collaborating Artist: Ponch Hawkes

Website Design: Forde & Nicol

Sound Design: Marco Cher-Gibbard

Featuring Australian Protagonists: Lorna Hannan, Liz Jones, John Flaus, Natalie de Maccas, Delia Bradshaw and Dien Nguyen

Photo Credit: Ponch Hawkes ( and background by Forde and Nicol)