Samara Hersch collaborated with Access Inc. (a not- for profit organisation that supports young adults with perceived intellectual disabilities) to create a short film called SUPER.

Presented as a mockuentary, SUPER follows a team of super heroes who save a local super market from going under.

Super premiered at The Other Film Festival in Melbourne 2014 and has since screened at The Reel Abilities Film Festival, New York, Sprout Film Festival, New York, Bosi Fest, Bosnia, and The Extraordinary Film Festival, Belgium.

Creative Team

Produced by: Jeremy Flynn and Samara Hersch
Directed by: Samara Hersch
Written by: Samara Hersch and Louris Van de Geer
Cinematography: Brett Luderman
Editing: Brett Luderman and Jeremy Flynn
Art Direction: Eugyeene Teh
Sound Design and Composition: Jed Palmer
Production manager: Simon Mathews
Artistic support: Elys McCleary, Danni Mahmoff and Yvonne Sherlock
Performers: Don Bridges, James Deeth, Jilliam Murry, Ruthie Ben Danan, Zac Chester, Joshua Ferenbach, Lauren Goldbloom, Racheli Naparstek, Ruth Rushinek, Zvi Schweitzer and Moishe Yellen

Special thanks to the staff at Piedemontes Supermarket North Fitzroy

Supported by: The Besen Family Foundation